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 Nita Bee’s Buzzin’ Book Reviews Information

I am a reader and lover of African American Literature; fiction and non-fiction; urban, erotica, poetry, motivational/inspirational, memoirs (but all genres are considered). Reviews are from my own personal point of view that is straight to the point without giving away to much detail about the story. Reviews are located in the blog section of this site, under the category “Book Reviews”. New releases, as well as, older releases from traditional publishing or self publishers are welcomed.

Book reviews will be posted on my blog first then shared on my social networking pages, including the Nita Bee Is Buzzin’ Books Fan Page. As time permits they are also included  on other review sites such as Amazon, Good Reads, B&N, the authors website, etc.

You can request a book review by using the contact form on this site. Please include the books name, synopsis or description of the book you would like reviewed in the message area of the form. Please allow 24/48 hours for a response with information on where to send the review copy and an estimated time of when the review will be posted. Paperback editions are preferred but will use Kindle or fully edited PDF versions if  paperback is not available. I do not review audio books or short stories.

Please be aware that it can take up to 4 / 6 weeks before your book can be reviewed and posted. Depending on my reading schedule it can be sooner.

“Buzzin Bee’” rating system.

When reading a book, any book, it will hit some sort of emotion. It also should flow well and make you want to keep reading.  So ratings depend on what kind of emotion received when the book is read along with a few other details, such as if the story flowed well and made sense, amount of errors, the books cover,  etc…. (these things may or may not be mentioned in the review but are always considered when using my rating system)

Review  BeeReview  BeeReview  BeeReview  BeeReview  Bee – The book was loudly buzzin’ / Excellent Read / Recommended

Review  BeeReview  BeeReview  BeeReview  Bee – The book was  buzzin’ / Very Good Read / Recommended

Review  BeeReview  BeeReview  Bee –  This book was buzzin’ softly / Good read /

Review  BeeReview  Bee - This book was somewhat quiet with the buzzin’ / Fair Read

Review  Bee - This book was very quiet, not buzzin’ at all. I could not get through the book


I do my best to find good and try to understand where the author is coming from with their story. Some readers will not like the same things about a story or get something meaningful out of the story where as another reader will…With that being said, as an author you should be able to accept constructive criticism of your work in a positive way even if the review seems to be negative or not the 5 star you were hoping for. Please be aware of this when requesting reviews.


**Please use the contact form if you are interested in having your book reviewed, an author interview or are a poet/poetess interested in having your poetry posted on Nita Bee’s poetry buzz day.

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