Book Review: Unveiled Passion by La Erotica


Format: Paperback
Author: La Erotica
Publishing Year: 2012


About the book:

Unveiled Passion”  is a sultry expression of poems related to love, lust and relationships. Unveiled Passion is an erotic poetic word play for readers wanting to indulge and explore in lyrical stimulation. This book will take you on an accelerated journey where your fantasies are projected in imaginary escapes of what could be or what has been.


Nita Bee’s Buzzin’ Review:

I had an opportunity to indulge in this book while on the airplane and I have to say it was a very enjoyable read of erotic poetry. Some soft and seducing using word play while others were straight to the point screaming…YES, take me there or YES, I remember being there! This is definitely a book for the grown and very sexual. The cover presentation of the book really set the scene for what you were about to get into…I absolutely loved it. As I am an absolute lover of all romantic/erotic poetry, I am looking forward to reading more of La Erotica’s poetry.


You can check out La Erotica and more of her poetry by visiting her website here:


Overall Buzz Rating:



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